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Grey Mullet Roe (Bottarga di Mugine) 100g

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Mullet Roe (Mugil cephalus) is cured with salt from Parque de las Salinas de San Pedro del Pinatar, washed and dried, using an artisanal and ancient phoenician technique. In January 2022, it received the Superior Taste Award 2022 in Brussels with two gold stars, the most prestigious international certification based on taste.

Known as the «Caviar del Mediterráneo», it brings its bright flavor and balanced saltiness to dishes. In Spain, it is often served thinly sliced, drizzled with EVOO along with fried marcona almonds or fresh cheese accompanied by a glass of white wine. It can also be enjoyed sliced or grated on eggs or toast, salads, roasted vegetables, rice dishes and seafood dishes to enhance its flavor.

In Asia, mullet roe is most often served with fruit, such as apple or pear, and is a very popular dish that is considered good luck during the holidays.

We offer you others 1 possibilities for you to enjoy the authentic flavor of the sea of Grey Mullet Roe (Bottarga di Mugine) 100g:
Hueva de Mújol | Pieza de 150g

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