Salazones Garre´s team is proud to keep alive the ancestral tradition of salting fish, respecting and valuing the artisan way of preparation, adapting the products to the current taste of the consumer, to preserve it over time and project it into the future.

Salazones Garre is a family business founded in 1983 that produces artisanal salted premium fish for national and international markets, satisfying the most demanding palates, while respecting the highest quality and hygiene controls. 

Tuna mojama, salted and dried bonito and mackerel, salt cured fish roe (mullet, ling, cod, hake & tuna), bottarga (grated roe) and a signature version of the GARVM sauce that was so prized in the Roman Empire.

At Salazones Garre, we respect the millenary artisan tradition that Phoenicians and Romans bequeathed to the eastern coast of Murcia, a process that observes the most rigorous food safety standards, as guaranteed by our IFS certification in 2020, 2021 and 2022. 

In addition, we are a socially responsible company and we implement the necessary changes to protect the environment. For this reason, we produce in the factory using green energy, we have special water and waste recycling programs and our products carry the MSC blue seal since we make them with fish obtained from certified sustainable fishing, which ensures that we contribute to protecting the health of seas and oceans. In 2018, the company obtained the MSC Chain of Custody Certificate, which guarantees the traceability of products from sustainable MSC-certified fisheries. This certificate was also renewed in September 2021.

Our salted and dried fish are natural products made with sea salt from the Parque Regional de las Salinas de San Pedro del Pinatar as their only preservative. 

In 2019, Salazones Garre received the Artisanal Food Award granted by Artesanía de la Región de Murcia in recognition of our company’s career and the exquisite quality of our products, which are a hallmark of the gastronomy of the Mar Menor and the region of Murcia.

The award also recognized our interest in developing research and innovative processes for the production of new artisan products that transmit the value of salted fish to new generations of consumers: healthy foods with an intense umami taste coupled with the authentic salty taste of the sea.

In July 2020, Luxury Spain -the Spanish Association of Luxury- granted Salazones Garre with the Luxury Spain Safe & Trust Seal, recognizing its Food Quality and Safety policy, which has allowed it to renew the IFS Food High Level Certificate in May 2020, to obtain the MSC Chain of Custody Certificate, the Kosher Certificate and the Halal Certificate in 2021 and 2022. 

In June 2020, our premium salt cured tuna loin “mojama” received the Superior Taste Award 2020 in Brussels with a double gold medal. In January 2022, our premium salt cured grey mullet roe also received the Superior Taste Award 2022 in Brussels with a double gold medal. This award is the world's most recognized independent flavor-focused certification delivered by the International Taste Institute following a blind tasting evaluation of products by a jury of renowned Michelin-starred Chefs and the world's most prestigious sommeliers.

As member of 1001 Sabores de la región de Murcia, we actively participate as a brand partner in the dissemination of the exquisite Murcian Gastronomy in Spain and the rest of the world.

In November 2021, Salazones Garre receives the 2021 Carrefour Award for the Most Innovative Spanish SME, for the new product line called Garre Gourmet for Millennials.  A new gourmet line that offers the youngest consumers the experience of enjoying salted fish at their table, with the possibility of creating dishes in a fun and simple way, with the authentic taste of the sea. Made with certified sustainable fish, with 100% recyclable packaging & sometimes preserved in organic EVOO.

With the six products that make up Garre Gourmet for Millennials, it is possible to prepare starters, salads, toasts, pasta, pizza, rice dishes, soups, meat and fish, with the authentic flavor of the sea.

Food products that promote healthy cooking, produced with less salt content than traditional salted fish, with low calories and without carbohydrates. They also provide a significant amount of protein, omega 3 and other healthy fatty acids, as indicated on their labels.

Salazones Garre is a member of ANFABASA, the Spanish National Association of Manufac-turers of Cod and Salted Fish whose objecti-ves are to provide a competitive offer of high-quality, innovative and market-oriented products, through optimal promotion and commercialization in national and internatio-nal markets, while promoting collaboration with suppliers, customers, consumers, the Administration and other stakeholders, in order to achieve sustainable growth in the sector.

Salazones Garre is a member of AGRUPAL, the Association of Food Companies of Murcia, Alicante and Albacete. Founded more than 85 years ago, it provides comprehensive services to almost a hundred food and canning companies, offering a wide catalog of services, ranging from training and prevention of occupational risks, to internationalization, research, development and innovation projects, subsidies, legislation and food safety, environment & communication, in order to promote their development & competitiveness. 

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